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HVCHS Heroes

Our heroes for today, May 31, are the many HVCHS alumni who are also members of Pennington Fire Aid Squad or Pennington Fire Company.  Pictured are Second Assistant Captain Shelley Pennington '74, Captain John Muccioli '07, Brandon Li '18, and David Phillips '18
Our heroes for May 30 are the HVCHS alumni who are also members of the Hopewell Fire Department. Check out our video honoring them:
Our HV Heroes for May 29 are the Brower brothers. Cameron Brower, Class of 2018 is a Firefighter for Prospect Heights Fire Company. Kyle Brower, Class of 2009 is a Captain with Ewing Fire Department. Nicholas Brower, Class of 2010 is a Detective with the Ewing Police Department. Thank you all for your commitment to public service!

Today's heroes are the HVCHS alumni who are also members of the Union Fire Company and Rescue Squad. Check out our video honoring them: https://spark.adobe.com/video/01JTp0ppImrBM
Our HV Hero for May 27 is Morgan Hall, HVCHS Class of 2012. She is a critical care trauma nurse at Jefferson Hospital Torresdale. Her message to the HVCHS community is "hug your loved ones extra tight, and stay safe wherever you call home". Thank you, Morgan!  
Our HV Hero for May 26 is Chris Swanson, Class of 1997. Chris is an RN working in the Emergency Room in Los Angeles, CA. He is also finishing a MSN degree to become a family nurse practitioner and will graduate next month. Thank you, Chris!
Our HV Hero for May 25 is Emily Sherrard, a member of the Class of 2006. She is a third year Family Medicine resident in South Carolina. Her message to the HVCHS community is: "During these uncertain times, please take care of yourself and your loved ones; stay home and wash your hands." Thank you, Emily!
Today's HV Hero is one of our very own nurses at HVCHS: Kelly Hall, Class of 1988. Ms. Hall is a volunteer nurse for the Medical Reserve Corp and is staffing a local COVID-19 testing site. Thank you, Ms. Hall!
Our hero for May 23 is Dr. Tami (Stein) Pool, HVCHS class of 1990. She is a pediatric urgent care physician as well as the Associate Medical Director for Urgent Care at Intermountain Healthcare in Park City, Utah. Thank you, Dr. Poole!
Today's heroes are CHS alumni who are currently career staff members of Hopewell Township Fire District: Chief Matthew Martin (Class of 1992), Lieutenant Joshua Wilson (Class of 1994), Lieutenant JD Moore (Class of 1996), Lieutenant Robert Bailey (Class of 2005), and Emergency Services Specialist Damian Lyness (Class of 2002). Thank you for your service!
Check out our video featuring these heroes: https://spark.adobe.com/video/0im2JQUeSe2Nm
Our May 21 heroes are Sara Hopkins, HVCHS Class of 2011, and Melissa Sturchio, HVCHS Class of 2009. They both work in the Emergency Department at Capital Health Hopewell, where Sara is the Assistant Nurse Manager and Melissa is a nurse. They are both proud of serving the community in which they grew up and are thankful for the outpouring of love and support that the HVRSD community has shown them.
Our hero for May 20 is Officer Johnathon Parker, HVCHS Class of 2009, who is a member of the Baltimore Police Department. Thank you, Officer Parker!
Our HV Hero for May 19 is Olivia Obst, Class of 2015. Olivia is an RN working at Cooper University Hospital in the Cardiac ICU, although she also often can be floated to other Critical Care areas of the hospital where she cares for COVID-19 patients along with other Critical Care Patients. She is also a Firefighter and EMT for the Hopewell Fire Department. Thank you, Liv!

Our hero for May 18 is Morgan Tallo, HVCHS Class of 2016. Morgan is currently working as an EMT in Delaware, and will be getting her BSN at Thomas Jefferson University. Thank you, Morgan!
Our hero for May 17 is David Galbraith, Class of 1998. David is a psychotherapist who has been supporting those affected by COVID19 and the ensuing quarantine. His message to the HVCHS community is: "Get outside when you can, feel the fresh air and sun, get a little exercise if you can, and reach out to mental health services offering telehealth sessions if you can". Thank you, David!
Our hero for May 16 is David Comeau, Class of 1995. David is a firefighter in Montgomery County, Texas (just north of Houston). Thank you for your efforts in keeping everyone safe and healthy during the pandemic!
Today's hero is Nora Ames, Hopewell Valley Class of 2009. Nora is a nurse at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, working on a dedicated COVID-19 unit exclusively taking care of patients who have tested positive. Her message to HVCHS is "Stay safe, stay patient, and most importantly- stay home!" Thank you, Nora!
Our heroes for May 14 are members of the Ewing Police Department: Officer Tyler Bender, Class of 2011, Officer Joseph Toth, Class of 2010, and Detective Nick Brower, Class of 2010. Thank you for keeping everyone safe and healthy during the pandemic -- we truly appreciate your service!
Today's hero is Dr. Maya Kommineni, HVCHS Class of 1996. Dr. Kommineni is a cardiologist at Porter Regional Hospital in Indiana. Her message to current students is: "Be happy, healthy and safe! Wash your hands, exercise, and eat healthy!"
Thank you, Dr. Kommineni!
Our May 12 hero is Rachel Meyer, BSN, RN. Rachel is a member of the HVCHS Class of 2010. She is currently a Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplant/Oncology nurse at Duke. Thank you, Rachel!
Our hero for May 11 is Alison Craven (formally Fletcher), a 2006 HVCHS graduate.She has worked at Capital Health Hopewell for over 8 years and is a lead for Patient Access on night shift, doing admissions for the whole hospital. She is proud to serve the community in which she grew up in and feels that the support she and her colleagues have received from the community during the pandemic has been very humbling. Thank you, Alison!
Our HV Hero for May 10 is Gabriella Amiet, Class of 2017, who is currently working in Law Enforcement. Thank you, Gabriella!
Our HV Hero for May 9 is Florence Jaffa (formerly Warren), Class of 2006. Dr. Warren is currently a primary care physician in Hanover, Maryland. Her message to students: "Keep an open mind! When I was a high school student I planned on becoming a history teacher and I’m very happy doing something different now! Taking care of patients during this unprecedented time is a privilege." Thank you, Dr. Jaffa!
Our hero for May 8 is Brent Obinger, HVCHS Class of 1996. Brent is an Emergency Room nurse in Bishop, CA. Thank you, Brent!
Ashley Mihok, a 2005 HVCHS graduate, is a nurse at Capital Health Hopewell in a COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and at Cooper University’s Post-anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) caring for the critically ill.She says "Stay safe and stay inside!" Thank you, Ashley!
Our HV Hero for May 6 is Dr. Emma Cantor, Class of 2007. She is a physician at Seattle Children's Hospital and the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. She has been working in a variety of roles since the pandemic began, including providing care to children in the COVID unit, Emergency Department, Neonatal ICU, and Pediatric ICU. In her photo, she is wearing PPE, some of which was provided by Switlik Survival Products (whose VP of sales and marketing, Sarah Switlik Brooks, is also a HVCHS class of 2007 graduate). Thank you, Dr. Cantor, for providing such important care to children during the pandemic.
Today's HV Hero is Arjan Ahluwalia, M.D., HVCHS Class of 2010. Arjan is a medical resident working at Lehigh Valley Health Network in Allentown, PA, taking care of patients in the Medical ICU diagnosed with COVID19. Thank you for working on the front lines to battle this pandemic!
Today's HV Hero is Hopewell Township Police Department Officer Lincoln Karnoff, Class of 1981. Thank you, Officer Karnoff, for helping to keep everyone safe and healthy during the pandemic!
Today's HV Hero is Christopher Minkee Lee, RN, BSN, Class of 2002, who is currently working at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center as a travel nurse. Thank you, Chris!
Dr. Holt Murray, HVCHS Class of 1992, runs the Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit at UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center). In addition to artificial hearts, transplants and general cardiac surgery, his unit provides ECMO support for a 40 hospital system. ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) is a very specialized life support that can completely replace heart and lung function. ECMO is the last line of support and used as rescue therapy for the sickest of the sick respiratory failure patients, in which two tubes the size of your thumb are inserted into the patient’s large veins or arteries. The blood is then pumped through an oxygenator at 5 L/min (1 gallon/min) and returned to the patient. Dr.. Murray currently runs a dedicated COVID unit for the treatment of patients in need of ECMO. Thank you, Dr. Murray!
Lindsay Maida, HVCHS Class of 2010, is currently a Labor and Delivery RN at New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell. Due to the pandemic, she has been working in the COVID Adult Unit, as well as the Labor and Delivery Unit (which also has many COVID patients). She says "Hang in there, HoVal! We will come out of this stronger than before!"